welcome to my blog!



Welcome to my new blog! My life in New York City is a work in progress. I moved here a couple of years ago after raising my sons in Princeton New Jersey and bringing an international summer piano festival to Princeton University more than 13 years ago. It seems that each week since I’ve arrived here, I turn down new alleys to discover insights and pathways to new and exciting work and relationships. I’ve had so many thoughts and observations swimming around in my head for so long that I’m finally taking the advice of several friends who have encouraged me to start writing a blog!  Today is day1!   I’ll be musing here about all things coming across my world in the days ahead:  the inspirations I take from seeing and hearing beautiful moments: music, words, people, places, food… around me.  I may also, on occasion, vent a little about a pet peeve, speak about an unspeakable sadness or share an insight or wisdom gained from something I read or gleaned from a conversation. Stay tuned as I learn my away around new ways of accessing and including visuals and other wonders of this vast vast internet space! Woo-wee!  Here we go!  Thank you, Billy, my web guru: