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I work with students of all ages and levels to build healthy technique to enable wide ranging musical expression.

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I’m passionate about cultivating my students’ love of music at every level. I’ve worked with injured pianists to successfully reclaim their ability to play without pain or weakness and welcome the ability to open doors of greater expression and confidence to pianists of all levels. My teaching incorporates all my experiences as a performer, concert producer, and educator, with a deep appreciation for personal growth through creative expression.

With more than twenty years of studying and practicing the principals of healthy technique utilizing the Taubman approach, I bring this knowledge to my work with each individual.  I was immensely fortunate to have also had early studies with great artist- teachers, Leon Fleisher, Maria Curcio, and Leonard Shure who continue to deeply inform my interpretation of scores. The ultimate focus of my work with all students is enabling musicianship to thrive utilizing healthy physical motions at the piano.

I offer private piano lessons to a range of students in New York and Princeton, New Jersey.

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My work with Adrienne began about three years ago … During this short time, I have grown more as a musician than during my time in conservatory..

AM Mazullo

My Experience

Taubman approach to piano technique: extensive training and experience working with injuries and limitations, pain and fatigue

Masterclasses Texas, Washington DC, New York

Classroom and private, individualized teaching experiences

Judge: Steinway Society, NJMTA State Competition

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