Hi, I'm Adrienne. Creativity is at the core of my work.

About Me

I bring more than 25 years of experience as a pianist, teacher, coach, concert presenter, student, and parent to my work life. As director of a summer concert series of celebrated jazz and classical artists, I am well acquainted with challenges and realities facing both concert presenters and young artists poised to launch their careers in the 21st century.

Discovering creative and authentic ways of opening doors for new classical music audiences is a preoccupation bordering on an obsession of mine. I study, observe, and discuss effective ideas on this subject with presenters and educators from around the world, at professional conferences and workshops.

A conservatory graduate with a liberal arts background, I have pursued my own musical education throughout my life, studying the piano and progressive approaches to teaching with master artists and teachers. I am driven by a wish for authenticity in each of my roles: During my career I’ve evolved from being a performer and teacher, to a concert producer, artist consultant, and communications coach. Creativity is at the core of the projects I encourage.

My coaching style is characterized by my natural curiosity, acute ability to listen and to hear, warm personal interactions and a sense of humor. Asking gentle, but firm questions about past, present, and future artistic and practical goals, I collaborate with students and professionals leading them to define and realize their individuality and aspirations.

I bring a performer’s background and life experience as a parent, teacher, and advocate to my consulting with individuals. I’m passionate about the inherent value of each person’s unique strengths, and I take great pleasure in collaborating to discover and sustain a widening range of musical expression and a gratifying career path.

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